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"Josh Taylor Installs AlumiConns and Becomes a YouTube Star"

Josh Taylor, Master Electrician and owner of Taylored Electrical Services, was recorded installing AlumiConns for Scott Ryan's YouTube channel.

At the time of this writing, this video has over 8,000 views which is growing faster than any other video for aluminum wiring repair. Just type "aluminum wiring repair" into Google and find this video on the first page of results.


Do you have aluminum wiring in your home?

Here's a short video on how to find out on your own safely.

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Who is Dr. Aronstein and why is he so important in the lives of you and your family?

Since there is so much dangerous information out there about how to fix your aluminum wiring, you need to know what is good, and why it is so. I get my information from the same source the Consumer Product Safety Commission does... Dr. Jesse Aronstein.

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Questions? Attend Scott Ryan's Online Seminar - "Ultimate Aluminum and Electrical safety webinar"

What you'll discover in this event...

1. The 3 aluminum wiring repairs you must absolutely AVOID to keep your family safe

2. The ONLY 2 products proven SAFE to install for a permanent fix that eliminates...

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Is Aluminum Wiring Repair Necessary?

The verdict is in: Aluminum wiring connections present a major fire hazard in homes built during the mid-1960s through the mid-1970s.
The aluminum wiring is fine, but the problem lies in the connections to electrical devices...

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"order your ultimate aluminum & electrical safety audit now!"*

If you have aluminum wiring, this inspection includes a full Audit and Report of your home's entire electrical electrical system.

Our resident Master Electrician at Taylored Electrical Services in Calgary, Josh Taylor, will conduct the following in your home:

1. Aluminum wiring check
            ... so you can finally know for sure if aluminum wiring exists in your home
2. Switches will be counted
3. ALL outlets will be tested for:

       - bad grounds
       - open neutrals
       - hot/Ground reversed
       - hot/Neutral reversed
            ... so you will know the status of all aluminum and copper connections to receptacles

4. Your electrical panel will be inspected thoroughly:
       - space for new circuits
       - wire installation integrity
       - breakers
       - Arc Fault Circuit Interruptors (AFCI)
       - Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors (GFCI)
       - connections to breakers and bus bar will be checked and tightened to improve safety of existing aluminum AND copper wires insertions
            ... so you can feel safer knowing that any arcing problems resulting from bad connections within your panel are reduced substantially and immediately

5. Existing GFCI’s tested
            ... so you will know if they can keep you and your family safe from shocks or electrocution in case of a short near water

6. Check if GFCI’s are where they should be according to modern electrical safety codes
            ... so you will know if electrocution hazards near water exist or not

7. Dedicated lines checked
            ... so you will feel confident knowing these circuits are protected from surges created by demanding devices that should not be sharing circuits

8. Check kitchen outlets and split receptacles for line dedication and GFCI protection
9. Exterior outlets checked
10. Exterior lights checked
11. Garage electrical checked
12. Post-construction electrical checked
13. Sub-panels checked
14. Proper grounding checked

       - gas line bonding checked
       - water line jumper checked
            ... so you will know if your family is protected from ground faults (potential for shock or electrocution)

15. One aluminum-wired outlet or switch (our choice) will be repaired with the AlumiConn connectors
            ... so you can have a sneak peek of the work that would be done in your home

16. We will inspect one electrical item of your choice
       - defective switch, outlet, flickering light, etc.
            ... so you know what needs to be done to fix it

Your “Ultimate Aluminum & Electrical Safety Audit Report” will be presented to you following day (schedule permitting) revealing ALL of the previously mentioned for you
            ... so you can be confident knowing exactly what needs to be repaired or upgraded electrically to code for ultimate safety for your family and home

It will also include how much your investment would be to fix everything for maximum protection for your family and home.

Naturally you can also inquire about the cost for any regular electrical work.

As a further benefit, you will get to meet Josh Taylor, our Master Electrician, who will be running your project
            ... so you can get to know and be comfortable with the fellow or gal who is leader of and responsible for the people, products and installations coming into your home.

Because of the time needed to conduct the Audit and prepare the resulting Ultimate Aluminum & Electrical Safety Audit Report, we typically charge $197 for it. For a LIMITED TIME, we are offering this for FREE. However, we have limited time and manpower to conduct these and they take time to conduct and prepare the Audit Report, so we may have to shut it down as soon as we are at our limit! Order yours quickly!

Call 587-317-5771 to Order

Because of an over-abundance of dangerous information on Aluminum Wiring Hazards and their repair, you may have questions to make your best and final decision about what to do. You can attend Scott Ryan's "Shocker Aluminum Wiring Online Seminar" to have every question answered. For a lot more information and to register for it, go here:

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