Electrical Panel Replacement Calgary

Electrical Panel Replacement Calgary

The electrical panel, that all too essential component of the electrical system in your home, is responsible for providing electricity to your entire house. In addition to that, it can ensure the safety of your home, by providing safe-guards - circuit breakers - to protect your branch circuit wiring as well as all your electrical devices and appliances.

If you are purchasing an older house, or if the electrical panel has been around for 30 or 40 years in your existing home, it is a good idea to think about replacing it. Modern appliances and the electrical demands they put on a circuit are but one reason to consider getting the electrical panel replaced. Many are rated at 60 amps and should be replaced with at least a 100 amp electrical panel. This will eliminate potential hazards and, at minimum, a lot of frustrating situations in the future.

Signs That Indicate An Electrical Panel Replacement Calgary Should Be In Your Near Future

Here are 3 signs, which tell you that it is the right time to go ahead with an electrical panel upgrade Calgary. It is important for you to have a clear understanding of these signs. Here are the most prominent ones, which indicate that it is the right time for an electrical panel replacement Calgary:

1. Inadequate power

Inadequate power can be considered the most prominent sign, which means it is an urgent time for an electrical panel upgrade Calgary. If you want to accommodate your computer network, HVAC system, televisions and kitchen appliances, you will simply need to have more power than your existing electrical panel can provide. Perhaps you notice that one or more of those new electrical appliances are not working properly. This can be because of a lack of the proper amount of power. It is critical go ahead with an electrical panel upgrade Calgary to make sure everything is operating properly and safely.

2. You still have fuses

Check if you still have fuses in your electrical panel. If you do, then it is the high time for you to go ahead with an electrical panel replacement Calgary. Fuses are very old technology and, simply put, shouldn’t be in a modern home. An electrical panel upgrade Calgary will provide brand new circuit breakers for ultimate safety and longevity in addition to helping you sleep well at night!

3. Age of the electric panel

You must also take a look at the age of the electric panel and consider whether it is worthy to go ahead with a replacement or not. The electrical panels are designed to last for about two decades. However, you are encouraged to upgrade that on a regular basis, so that you will be able to get the optimum functionality offered by it.

4. Not enough circuits

Many of the electrical panels we’ve seen are simply too small. Perhaps the customers had basement renovations and a garage addition over the decades and all of the circuits have been used in the panel.

All too often, we have seen where an additional circuit was required somewhere in the home and there was no room in the panel for it.

So the homeowner, friend or a lazy electrician (?!) simply used a circuit breaker that was already used and put a second circuit into it!

This is very dangerous and is definitely against Code.

A new electrical panel upgrade Calgary is in order and should be implemented right away and will provide enough room for new circuits for the remainder of the life of the home.
Another solution may simply to add a sub-panel depending on where it must be located.

Cost To Replace Electrical Panels?

The next thing you need to understand is the cost you will have to bear in order to replace the electrical panel. You will need the assistance of a professional electrical contractor with an electrical panel upgrade Calgary. The power must be turned off to the house by the City of Calgary and this can only be ordered by a Master Electrician.

The average cost of electrical panel replacement Calgary ranges from $1,700 to $3,500 depending on your requirements. It is also important to have a basic understanding about additional factors, which contribute towards your final bill.

Sometimes it is not as simple as removing your old electrical panel and replacing it a new one. There may be grounding issues that may require repair, especially if it is a very old home. The City Inspector may require it to be fixed before a final approval sticker is issued.

If the electrical panel installation is complete and a breaker or an AFCI trips when powered up, this can indicate problems within the circuitry that must be troubleshot and addressed for proper operation, safety in your home and an all-important approval from the City Inspector. These efforts take time and material to complete obviously affecting your final bill.

Always Hire A Professional Electrical Contractor With A Master Electrician

As I said before, you’ll need a Master Electrician to order the power to be shut off to your home for the electrical panel replacement Calgary. Moreover, an amateur tackling an electrical panel upgrade Calgary is too risky.

A Master Electrician is ultimately responsible for the electrical work he or his electricians do in your home. They ensure that the work is being completed according to the highest quality standards. In addition, they ensure the quality of workmanship with the work that they do as well. It is important to note some electrical work in your home must be conducted by a Master for insurance purposes. Check with your insurance company.

A great way to know if you have a top electrical contractor is the guarantee they have. If it is 25 years, they know their work is great and don’t have a problem backing it.

Josh Taylor, owner of and Master Electrician at Taylored Electrical Services Inc. is one such fellow.

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